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By | October 14, 2014

Saving money on coupons is not something new. In fact, it has been one of the most practical ways of promoting new products and brands in season sales. It’s cheap and easy to distribute. Newspapers and magazines are often sealed with a few discount slips and this is still present until today. Couponing experts usually have a huge collection of used newspapers because they hunt down discount slips in this marketing platform.

With the rise of internet marketing, printed advertisements and promotions are becoming obsolete. In fact, many newspaper companies have died because of the birth of online media. It is also the reason why digital vouchers or slips are getting more and more popular. They are definitely cheaper since the company doesn’t have to make printed copies that might cost thousands of bucks.

Advantages of Electronic Discount Vouchers

It’s obvious that electronic coupons are more practical than their paper form counterpart. They’re not bulky, and there are no risks of damages and them getting lost. While this is true in most accounts, you can’t really use them if you plan to buy something from a retail store near you. You will still have to apply the old vouchers you often cut out from a Sunday newspaper.

Digital vouchers can be used in online transactions, but there are already printable ones that one can be used in a real store. These slips are digital ones made tangible, to provide more convenience to consumers. Champs Sports is a sporting goods store these days that offer discounts through digital and paper vouchers.

About Champs Sports

This shop is a subsidiary of Foot Locker Retail, Inc. The place provides products including apparel, sports equipment, and shoes.  For Nike fans, this is a nice place to visit. The store has a collection of more than 2000 Nike shoes, including hundreds of apparel and sports equipment items. If you are looking for Champs coupons printable vouchers, they are available in the store’s affiliate websites.

Store rewards are great to use along with vouchers. They provide you with bigger discounts, but it’s very important to brush up on the store’s guidelines. Being familiar with these things help you get the most out of it. For example, some stores allow stacking up rewards systems and markdown vouchers. Not all shops do this, so doing some research can help you a lot.

Extreme Couponing

You probably watched shows about couponing and some really are addicted to it. Extreme coupon collectors are often tagged as coupon addicts because they try to abuse the usability of all the vouchers they have in a store. There are two sides in this way of couponing, it’s either you save a lot of money, or spend money on something you don’t really need.

Think about the things you need now, and the ones you will need in the future. While your priorities come first, you will not be tempted of buying something that you don’t need, even if the price is way half of its original price tag.

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