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By | September 24, 2014

Times are tough. This is why no one should say no to savings. It doesn’t matter if you’re just saving a dollar or even just 75 cents. Savings are savings and if you consistently use tools that can help you save a little for every transaction, like printable coupons, then the savings can add up to a significant amount.

What are Printable Coupons?

Basically, these coupons are available online. You need to print them so you can show them upon checkout. They indicate specific discounts. For example, one coupon can give you a discount of $1.50 from the price tag. On the other hand, one coupon can be used to benefit from a 20% discount. These discount offers vary from merchant to merchant.

Where can You Use them?

They’re widely available across all industries, so take advantage of them for whatever you plan on purchasing. Are you going shopping for clothes soon? There are coupons that can be printed out. Are you booking a hotel? There are discounts for that.

The question is – can you use them for groceries? You’re probably wondering because groceries take a huge bite out of our budget regularly. Here’s the good news – there are printable coupons for your groceries! Here’s the good news – you’re now a couple of clicks away from finding the best ones.

CoolSavings has the Best Offers

If you consider yourself as a coupon veteran, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of CoolSavings. This is because it’s one of the most trusted sources for these coupons. With more and more people looking to save on their groceries, it follows that they’re led to CoolSavings. After all, it has the best offers.

How Much can You Save?

If you’re going to grab the offers of the company, you should save as much as $75, not per month, but per week! This means you should easily save $300 a month which equates to $3600 a year. Now, can you honestly say that you don’t have any use for savings of up to $3600 a year?

Take Advantage of Other Offers

While CoolSavings is popular for its printable grocery coupons that can help you save $75 a week, it also offers online codes for you to use to grab other deals including free shipping! This is especially important now with the rise of online shopping. Shipping adds a significant amount of money to your total shopping bill, so you know how this can really help you.

In addition, there are also codes available for restaurants and even at spas! Just enter your zip code in order to can find the best deals in your area! Think about it. You now have more money for your “wants” like a spa treatment because of the money that you’ve saved from your groceries, and you’re even getting savings from the spa treatment!

That’s not a bad deal at all!

How Much Will it Cost You to Take Advantage of these Savings?

This is a valid question. A lot of people expect to pay for this service. In fact, they’re ready for it. After a little computation, you need to shell out a grand total of… NOTHING! This is because using this service is for free!

CoolSavings doesn’t have to earn money from the end users (you) because of its partnerships with the merchants offering these discounts. Obviously, these merchants can benefit from the additional customers that these printable coupons bring. With these coupons, grocers and shoppers can get a lot of savings. This is really one of those genuine win-win situations.

Using this Service is Easy

In addition to the service being free, it’s also easy to use. You just need to sign up at and provide some very basic information. After signing up, you can now sign in and check out the coupons that are available to print and use.

Here’s a good tip – as soon as you log in, go straight to the daily deals. This should present you with the best deals right there in your area! Make sure to check daily because more and more deals are added daily!

What Products can You Save On?

CoolSavings has a wide variety of coupons for just about anything found on grocery shelves. Just to give you an idea, you can find deals on the following products:

  • Diapers
  • Coffee
  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Detergent
  • Cereals
  • Cheese
  • Tissue
  • Paper napkin
  • Spreads
  • Canned tuna
  • Nuts
  • Bleach
  • Juices
  • Frozen pizza

Does this look like your grocery list? This is because these are the most common inclusions in just about anyone’s grocery list. There’s a coupon on the site for all these products. Let’s say that you can save a dollar on average for every product on this list. That’s a $15 saving just on this short list alone!

How to Get Discounts

Here’s a short step by step guide on how you can get savings:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Log in.
  3. Check out all the printable grocery coupons.
  4. Print out all the coupons that you can use.
  5. Show the printed coupons on your next grocery trip!

It seems easy because it is easy. Saving money has never been this easy!

More Reasons to Join

Just in case saving $75 a week is not enough for you, here are more reasons to sign up:

  • Printing the coupons is very easy.

The site has a very handy “Coupon Printer”. This makes it very easy for you to print all the coupons you need.

  • Get free stuff.

Those who are saying that nothing in this life is free obviously haven’t been to Get free samples just by logging in to the site.

  • There’s no limit.

Spend the whole day “clipping” coupons from the site and use them all. The sky’s the limit.

Start Saving Money Now!

Now that you’re convinced that you can use the savings of up to $75 a week, it’s time for you to sign up for the site. Remember, these deals expire so you have to act fast! Sign up now and start printing printable coupons!

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