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By | March 21, 2017

Most of us spend hours sitting in front of the television, watching shows that don’t teach us anything and don’t benefit our lives. Why not spend your downtime developing your skills and building your career? Now, you’re probably thinking that you’ll have to go back to school and spend thousands of dollars on night classes – but you’re wrong. You can actually bypass going to school and save your money by doing online it training. ITPRO.TV is an online training platform that allows you to develop your IT skills from home, all you need is an internet connection.

ITPRO.TV realized that many people who would like to develop their skills were not being offered the tools to do so. Many people have families, shift work or a second job, so, how can they advance their skills when the opportunity to learn isn’t accessible? The creators listened to the people and their needs. Out of this, they provide an it online training platform which allows anyone to build their career from anywhere in the world.

If you’re an individual in the IT field, you know that techthnology is constantly developing day-to-day, which means you have to stay updated on the newest and most relevant technological changes. The interface provides users with it online training, helping you advance in your IT career. You’re given live streamed lessons that you can watch from your tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop via Roku channel. By why is this so great? What is it that makes its users succeed in the IT industry?

Why join?

You shouldn’t have to think too hard, it has everything you need, wrapped up under one easy-to-use platform. Here’s what ITPRO.TV offers its users:

+ Focuses specifically on IT
+ Free to join
+ An extensive library of specialized courses
+ vLabs and practice exams for certification success
+ Easily accessible through internet access
+ Watch live on-demand through Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.
+ Available mobile app for on-the-go learning

It is an all-in-one platform that provides users with maximum support for online it training. Increase your skills with the ability of controlling your time and money.

New to the IT field?

If you’re thinking of changing careers, the platform has a variety of programs to help you get started. You can take their free online fundamentals courses, which will help develop your fundamental knowledge of IT before take on more complex courses. You don’t need to be a computer wiz in order to join, all you need to have is the motivation to learn.

Already a pro?

If you’re already working in the field, they can assist you to push your limits, advancing your skills. There are a variety of programs to choose from and you’ll be able to expand your knowledge, becoming an even more valuable commodity to the industry. especially in an environment like this, which is rapidly changing. With updated course material, you won’t mis out on the latest and greatest.

A variety of programs to choose from

You want to have options. If not, you’ll be stuck taking a course that you’re not really interested in and that’s a waste of time. You want to enjoy learning. ITPRO.TV has a variety of it online training programs for you to choose from. They wanted their users to be able to have options with their specialized programs which will boost IT skills.

Users can choose from programs specializing in:

– Apple
– Amazon
– Microsoft
– VMware
– Operations and Project Management
– (ISC)2
– BizPro.TV – Beta
– Adobe Creative Cloud
– DevPro.TV Beta

For the complete library course list, click this link.

Enhance your learning with vLabs and Practice Exams

It does not just provide live stream lessons that you can watch anytime, any day. They want their users to actually be able to use their newly developed skills. In addition to the live stream lessons, you’ll be able to apply your skills with vLabs and Practice Exams. Hands-on learning is scientifically proven to increase understanding of the material. In addition, it’s a safe space for you to make errors and understand how to correct them. No one wants to be making preventable mistakes on the certification examination. The it online training provides hands-on learning without equipment. That’s right, you do not need to go out and purchase expensive software, with HTML5 support, you’ll be able to use your vLabs on your OSX, Linux, iOS device and windows platform. Focused on creating a platform that doesn’t make their users find learning tools, instead, the platform provides the learning tools for you.

Become certified

The best part about ITPRO.TV is that you’ll actually be able to become certified through their it online training. That’s right, their platform isn’t just about showing you what to do, it’s focused on actually getting you somewhere with these newly developed skills. the community supports their users by providing them with Transcender Practice Exams for IT certification. Transcender is designed to support and strengthen your IT skills by preparing you for the certification examinations. Examinations are not easy, however, with Transcender, they ensure that you’ll not only understand the testing material but that you’ll succeed in the examination. Through their awesome support, you’ll have success.

Join ITPRO.TV today!

You have no excuse to not push yourself and expand your skills. This great platform has removed all the obstacles stopping you from achieving your goals. You don’t need to take night and weekend courses, you can learn from your smartphone or desktop and you don’t need expensive equipment to practice. ITPRO.TV has done everything for you, you just need to sign-up and get started. So, what are you waiting? It’s free to sign-up and takes only a minute to get you started. Join today and watch the doors of opportunity open for you.

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