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By | November 11, 2014

Procter & Gamble has been known for manufacturing various products for the everyday consumer.  It’s a multinational company that seeks to provide quality and reliable day-to-day products which makes the lives of every person easier.  It’s the aim and purpose of the company to make their products accessible and affordable to every consumer.  Thus, it came as no surprise that the company would later use printable coupons to market its brand.

Marketing Strategy that Works

Coupons are not new concepts.  They have been around for decades.  These things can easily be seen printed in newspapers and tabloids and are usually outlined with broken lines.  Prudent persons would usually cut and collect all these things even if they do not have any immediate use for them. Procter & Gamble brands

The offers of discounts on printable vouchers are sometimes too difficult to resist.  People who do not usually have any plan of shopping would often be tempted to leave their house so they can check the products being offered.  While some individuals would usually dismiss the offer as pure gimmickry, most vouchers are usually genuine.

Because of the rise of computer technology and the internet, printed materials are no longer the most widespread form of mass information.  The internet is gradually making all paper transactions obsolete.  The bills, mails, or even receipts are being electronically mailed and are slowly eliminating paper documents.  Thus, even vouchers are being included in the electronic documents nowadays and the consumer only has to use the printer.

However, as between paper and electronic documents, it goes without saying that the tangible materials are still more effective than soft copies. Paper vouchers attract more attention than the ones attached to electronic documents.  Consumers usually do not notice any of these coupons since it’s a fact that reading in front of the computer monitor is strenuous.  There is also a lot of distractions that any company who would like to advertise their products on the internet, through coupons or otherwise, would have little success.  Also, it entails additional burden to the consumers since they have to print the entire document before being able to use it.

Cheap but Effective Marketing

It is therefore recommended that for a company to effectively market products, using coupons is the way to go.  It is not as expensive as compared to other forms of advertisement.  Surely, radio and television ads do deliver a massive impact in advertisement, but they only last a few seconds or so.

Printed materials have a sense of permanency and people can stare at it for hours if they so wish.  Printable coupons can attract more customers and can be seen everywhere.  In fact, they can even be distributed along the streets where people pass through and a percentage of those people would usually check if the coupons are worth it.

Procter & Gamble recognize the worth of marketing coupons that they are now offering P&G printable coupons.  They can be obtained from P&G affiliate sites, or couponing websites that online shoppers often visit these days. Browse for the deals you want, have them printed, and present it to stores that honor them.

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